• WORKING PVSS panels to access the functionalities via the pitFed commands and to show status via the DIM services for the driver objects
    • (DONE) PVSS panels for the higher level functionalities
    • (DONE) PVSS panel to check all functions for an opticalLink, i.e. for a given Half Stave: masking, phases, counters
    • (TO DO, Claudio) add indicators for the 10 pit outputs mode
    • (*TO DO, Claudio and Cesar) distribute the project and maek it accessible from alisdpon001, with a button in the FEEelectronics control panel that opens the main pit panel (all panels and libraries files stay on alipitwn001, as well as data managers. Panel files are to be put in a shared folder on alipitwn001)
    • (TO DO) Add control widgets for the two new commands being implemented by Costanza and Cesar (autoConfigureDelays and autoCheckPhases)

-- Main.GianlucaAglieriRinella - 30 May 2008