"If anything can go wrong, it will" [Murphy's law]

******** New MANUAL for the Oncall  ********

Procedures of the chiller for the cooling system

Procedures of the cooling system on the PLC panel

Procedures of the cooling system on the PVSS interface


First aid kit
You should not encounter problems with the cooling, unless you play in undue (and unauthorised!) mode with open/close commands and/or pressure settings. In the (hopefully) very rare case you get an alarm, the plant simply stops working and puts itself in the STOP status. In this case no action is allowed from the control room and recovery to normal RUN status is not automatic. An expert MUST check if it is possible to clear the alarm and restart safely the plant. DO NOT TAKE "creative" initiatives going to the plant in the cavern, even if a number of safety rules have been adopted in order to make the plant "dumb-operator proof".
In case you are clueless and a cooling expert is not by your side, do the following, respectively:

  • In the SPD user interface go to the Cooling item, SPDPlant, and open the panel. Press the ALARMS button and note down the kind of alarm, you will be asked this information by the expert.
  • Call the cooling "on-call" expert. Cell numbers, SPD-side: 164991 (Rosario Turrisi or deputy) or TS/CV-side 165708 (Jose Antonio Botelho Direito)
  • If the previous fails (can be due to the current on-call policy), call the Technical Control Room (TCR), 72201, and:
    • Tell them where you are (ALICE experiment, Point 2, control room)
    • Tell them that you want the DETECTOR COOLING PIQUET. It is very important that you do not omit "DETECTOR" because if you do you get the wrong expert.
    • Mention that you can be called back to the phone number where you come from (or whatever) because most likely the expert on call will call you asking some details about the problem, you must mention the kind of alarm you have.
    • If after a reasonable interval nobody calls, you could call directly the piquet: 162400. DO NOT CALL directly, always call TCR first.
  • If TCR does not answer for any reason, call directly the Detector Cooling Piquet, 162400 telling you are from ALICE at Point 2 etc. etc.
  • In the last case (and the piquet will ask you anyway) you MUST call back TCR and announce that you requested the DETECTOR COOLING PIQUET, because of insurance issues and extraordinary intervention invoice.

In any case, please note down in the logbook what happened with all possible details, this information will be very valuable for later debugging of the problem.



Schematic of the cooling.
-- Main.gguaglio - 30 Mar 2006