Building the DAs

The DAs can be built in an "Online" and an "Offline" version. The Offline version may be used on a test system (like in the DSF). For instance it could be useful where there is no file exchange server present, or whenever the use of the DAQ DA library is not needed.


Online version

Commands to build the code:
make daqDA-SPD builds all the SPD algorithms.
make daqDA-SPD-SCAN builds the "scan" DA.
make daqDA-SPD-PHYS builds the "phys" DA.
Append -clean to the above to clean.
Append -rpm to create an rpm.

DATE, Root, AliRoot

Executables produced:


Offline version

Download (and unpack) the files below. They are from September 2008.
They contain one directory each with a Makefile, a Linkdef file, and a bunch of copied files from AliRoot. Running make inside a directory will automatically update with the relevant files from AliRoot (if modification time is later) and build the code.

DATE, Root, AliRoot (Set the $DATE_ROOT, $ROOTSYS, and $ALICE_ROOT)

Executables produced: