parseWord program

This is a very simple command line program, that parses raw data (payload) words. As an example, a command
parseWord 45c18010 80128013 80148015 80168017
would give the output:


***ChipHead: HS=0 , Chip=1 , EventCount=92
*Data: col=16 , row=0
*Data: col=18 , row=0
*Data: col=19 , row=0
*Data: col=20 , row=0
*Data: col=21 , row=0
*Data: col=22 , row=0
*Data: col=23 , row=0
This could for example be useful when studying an eventDump.
Download the code here: main.cxx
Build it with the command:
g++ main.cxx -o parseWord