Online and offline numbering

Online view
Offline view
What defines one pixel:
  • DDL Number (Equipment ID): 0-19
  • Half Stave Number: 0-5
  • Pixel Chip Number: 0-9
  • Column: 0-31
  • Row: 0-255
What defines one pixel:
  • Module Number (Ladder Number): 0-239
  • Ladder Column: 0-159
  • Ladder Row: 0-255
Online view from side A Offline view from side A
Online view from vertex Offline view from vertex


Raw stream translations

In AliITSRawStreamSPD the raw data is decoded and so-called digits are extracted. Inside this class a module map matrix (fgkDDLModuleMap[][]) is used:




This map specifies how the modules are numbered. (The rows of the matrix represent different equipment IDs, the columns have the 2 ladders of HS0, the 2 ladders of HS1, and so on...)


Then you also need to take the columns and rows numbering into account. Finally, to make the conversion between online and offline coordinates, there will be some static member functions in AliITSRawStreamSPD that will do the work: