Pixel Trigger offline software

PIT simulation description (PPTX, trigger meeting)

The main offline tasks related to the pixel trigger are:

  • Storing the pixel trigger conditions in OCDB for each run
  • Simulating the generation of fast-or signals from the SPD
  • Simulating the response of the pixel trigger system to the fast-or signals

The schematic slides below show some of the classes used to implement the procedures, and the interplay between them. Some of the benefits from the new code are:

  • The simulated fast-or signals will be saved in the ITS.Digits.root file alongside the 'normal' digits tree.
  • The simulated fast-or signals will be propagated to the simulated raw data files, mimicing the real raw data.
  • The fast-or signals originating from active (in pixel trigger logic) chips will be saved in the ESD, as part of AliMultiplicity.