Automatic Analysis of Raw Data

Scripts are automatically executed on the daq computer at start and stop of a run. The purpose is to analyze and characterize the run in a fast and simple way. The output is brought to a remote web page (ask me for the password to this area of the Alice web page), as well as a local one on the daq computer:

The remote site gives the user the extra functionality of saving comments for each run, as can be seen in the snapshot from the page below. The script always saves hitmap images for all routers present in the run. Additional images can also be uploaded to this site, for instance to clarify a comment. SPDmood, as well as SPD Reference Data Displayer, have a special screenshot feature which allows the upload of an image automatically.

The scripts that run at start and stop are called SOR.commands and EOR.commands respectively. These can be edited from the editDb --> files on the daq computer. The EOR.commands script run the program SPDconsistencyCheck.exe, which resides in /home/pixel/SPDconsistencyCheck.