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SPD-MOOD should in principle work independently of ROOT and DATE versions. However, if incompatibilities are suspected, the table below shows which version of ROOT and DATE were used in the development of each specific SPD-MOOD version. Version notes can be found on the bottom of this page. Instructions for installation can be found here.

SPDmood version ROOT version DATE version
4.09.2 (2014-09-15) v5-34-11 7.58
4.09.1 (2010-02-15) v5-26-00 6.47
4.09 (2009-11-13) v5-24-00 6.39
4.08 (2009-07-13) v5-23-02 6.39
4.07 (2009-03-18) v5-23-02 6.19
4.06 (2009-03-11) v5-23-02 6.19
4.05 (2009-01-26) v5-21-01-alice 6.19
4.04 (2008-11-18) v5-21-01-alice 6.19
4.03 (2008-11-06) v5-21-01-alice 6.19
4.02 (2008-11-05) v5-21-01-alice 6.19
4.01 (2008-10-30) v5-21-01-alice 6.19


  • v4.09.2 (-> test version)
    • Aliroot classes updated. New CDH version consisting in 2 more words needs a general check.
  • v4.09.1
    • The ratio of missing FO per chip and per BCmod4 have been added in the general plots.
  • v4.09
    • AliRoot classes for the format change root-> date updated. Please use this version if the input file is in a root format from Aliroot v4-17
  • v4.08
    • Changes to comply with new AliRoot classes. Such a version works from AliRoot v4-17 on
  • v4.07
    • Changes to calibration header in case of Mean Threshold Scan
  • v4.06
    • Changes to calibration header in case of FastOR Uniformity Scan
    • Bug fix in the removal of chip hitmap displays
    • Major re-organization of source files into separate directories (now compilation in 'build' dir)
    • Bug fix in the removal displaying objects in TMDisplayingList (only affecting SLC5?)
    • Default update time is set to 0
  • v4.05
    • Included error codes for a few error bits in the common data header
    • Changes to calibration header in case of FastOR Uniformity Scan
    • Protection for global pixel z and phi distribution reference plots (now only one event allowed)
    • TMHistogramming method 'ProcessEvent' will now be called after data parsing
    • Improved code for dump displays
    • New dump displays, where only events that have consistency errors are considered
    • When pressing "SHOW" button, an already open display window will now be raised
  • v4.04
    • Code to read the calibration header in case of a FastOR Uniformity Scan
    • #include <unistd.h> in TMControlSPD.cxx to compile on SLC3
  • v4.03
    • Connection to grid added. Files can be analyzed directly through ALIEN.
      After 'alien-token-init', run 'gridSPDmood.exe'.
    • Status bar field showing data source is updated when the source is changed.
    • Bug fix in movie making for objects deriving from base class TMDisplaying.
  • v4.02
    • New histograms for Ratio of Missing FastOR Signals (Full detector, Per Eq, Per Chip)
  • v4.01
    • Major code re-organization. Should make updates more simple.
    • Displaying using multiple window system.
    • Posix thread and mutex handling improved for more stability.
    • 'Run-Until-Event' option in main window.
    • Consistency error flag added to main window.
    • Possibility to make screen-shots of all open displays.
    • Trigger selection through 'Trigger Mask' option.