AMORE agents

An amore agent basically books the monitoring histograms, fills them and publish them on a database (it does NOT display them). The publication is on a database and it done at the end of  a "cycle" ( the cycle is essentially a set of consecutive events ( or a time interval )). In other words the filling of an histograms is done by the amore agent but it is published only AFTER a number of events (= cycle).  The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is developed to pick the histograms from the database and to display them appropriately. Let me underline that the drawn histograms contain ALL the available information up to the latest event, but they are not updated on an event by event basis.

The SPD has only one agent and they run at P2 on aldaqbl210A.


How to start an AMORE agent

It is done by a command line on aldadbl210A: 

amoreAgent -a amoreAgentSPDHIts -s ^SPD -u -e 100

where the options mean :

- s = source
- u = wait for the SOR before starting
- e = number of events of a cycle

warning :

if the number of events in the cycle is too small, the database (MySQL) is overloaded and it returns an error which looks like :

Error in <TMySQLStatement::NextIteration>: Code: 1062: Duplicate entry  [histogram name]  [hour:minute:seconds] for key PRIMARY