What temperature values should I look at?

There are two independent readout chains for the temperature sensors.  The ones to monitor are the TempDSS.
To make life easier, from "Show SPD temperature plots" you can disable the TempFEE (blu lines) for each graph unticking the corresponding line in the graph legend.
Ignore also the TempFEE values in the sector and half sector panels.


What to do in case of temperature warning?

Nothing, if it happens during a fill. The configuration of the half-stave should be defined before a fill and left stable.
If the half-stave switches off, leave it off and tell the expert.

Between the fills, when there is ~1 hour time, ONLY the expert can modify the HS configuration: incresase by 5 the DacRefMid, or decrease by 5 the DacRefHi, or increase to 180 the vi_PREAMP. If nothing works, leave the HS with the warning or off.


Log lines with Error Handler messages in spdFed log

If the Error Handler is active, in the SpdFEElectronics there can be log lines with the message "INFO: ERROR HANDLER - router XX with XX errors during last pooling".
They are not a real error, nothing has to be done, just ignore it.


Conditions to take a SMAQ plot

A SMAQ plot can be taken only when

  1. SPD in READY state
  2. a run is ongoing and the SPD is included in the data taking

If a run is NOT ongoing, it's not necessary to start a new one, just follow the instructions below and then you can do the SMAQ plot:

  1. open the DCA panel (you can see it here )
  2. click on "view menu" and then "Show Trigger Control", the LTU client window will open
  3. select "Configuration" and then "ttcFEEreset"


SPD_RUN or SPD FEE not ready

After a run ended in a bad way, the SPD_RUN or SPD Front End Electronics can be not ready and the run is inhibited.

  1. from the FSM: next to spdFEElectronics select "Configure"
  2. from the FSM: next to SPD_DCS_RUN select "EOR".  Leave the dialog box empty
  3. look at the spdFEElectronics panel and the LogFed; if there are no errors, give the command "Allow Run" from the FSM -> SPD_DCS_RUN
  4. write what happened in the logbook